Labor Costs

Osceola County offers businesses very advantageous labor cost opportunities while offering comfortable living family wages that enable workforce interest to be high in our region. Osceola County is part of a larger region labor pool consisting of approximately 100,000 people strong. 

Average hourly earnings for select occupations illustrate the competitiveness of Osceola County, as of May 2019:

  • Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks -  $15.76
  • Secretaries - $13.09
  • Office Clerks, general - $14.63
  • Accountants and Auditors - $26.48
  • Community and Social Service Occupations - $17.13
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanics - $18.77
  • First Line supervisors of production workers - $22.84
  • Assemblers and fabricators - $13.99
  • Welders, cutters, solderers and brazers -  $17.07
  • Agricultural and Food Science Technicians - $17.56

Data source: EMSI occupation employment data are based on final EMSI industry data and final EMSI staffing patterns.  Wage estimates are based on Occupational Employment Statistics (QCEW and Non-QCEW Employees classes of worker) and the American Community Survey (Self-Employed and Extended Proprietors).  Occupational wage estimates also affected by county-level EMSI earnings by industry.  This report uses data from the following agencies:  Iowa Workforce Development. Earnings include wages, salaries, overtime, and bonuses.