Quality of Life

A Life of Quality: Osceola offers a place where the air is clean and the people are friendly. Here life's simple pleasures can be enjoyed.

Living in Osceola County can prove to be an affordable alternative to living in a larger metropolitan area. Here crime and violence are almost nonexistent, and children are safe in schools that strive for excellence.

Iowa has created a working environment that fosters a high standard of living at an affordable cost. We place great value on our top-rated schools. With a high school graduation rate of 88 percent (versus 71 .percent nationally), Iowa ranks among the top five states. Student ACT and SAT scores again place Iowa in the top five.


Putting down roots costs less here. You can buy a lot of house for the money in Iowa, especially when compared to either coast and most other metropolitan areas. Housing prices in Iowa average 23 percent below the Midwest median and 36 percent less than the national median. Iowa also has the second-lowest auto insurance premiums in the nation. And costs for medical care and services are among the nation's lowest.

Culturally Strong 

Cultural life here is strong and diverse. Annually, more than a million people visit Iowa's museums and art galleries including the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, with the world's largest collection of Grant Wood paintings, and the University of Iowa's Museum of Art, boasting more than 5,000 works including a notable collection of African art. Osceola County alone contains three museums.

Safe and Friendly

Iowa's violent crime rate is nearly half the national average. Iowans can enjoy an evening stroll through tree-shaded neighborhoods and parks with a feeling of safety and security. Our clean, uncontested cities and towns have less traffic, less noise, and neighbors who are ... well, neighborly. Easy commuting opens up a wide range of work opportunities. Drive time for most Iowans averages a mile a minute!

Iowa ranks among the top three states in the overall well-being of its children, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation's annual "Kids Count" study, which charts the health and economic standing of young people across the nation.

Scenic and Exciting

Named "Beautiful Land" by Native Americans, Iowa has something for every taste, concerts, festivals, historical sites, cultural celebrations, scenic vistas... and a terrain that accommodates nearly every form of recreation, Iowa is far from flat! Iowa's annual bicycling event RAGBRAI has twice come through Sibley and this summer will be going through Ashton. Iowa also contains bountiful hunting grounds, teeming streams, groomed snowmobiling and equestrian trails, nature and hiking trails, excellent boating and canoeing opportunities ... it's all here within our borders and often within reach in a matter of minutes.

"Livability can't be bought at any price--but here, it comes with the territory.

Come enjoy our space and pace ... in Iowa."