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Acres of tall Iowa corn has hidden one of Osceola county's proudest places, Hawkeye Point, Iowa’s highest elevation at 1,670 feet.

For years Hawkeye Point had been known chiefly to local residents and to the National Highpointers Foundation. The point had been a destination for visitors who have left old license plates from states nationwide.

But since 2008, when Osceola County acquired seven acres of the Merrill-Sterler farm surrounding Hawkeye Point, the site has been developed into a popular road-side stop for travelers and a destination for those near and far with numerous amenities for visitors.

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From the very beginning, the development of Hawkeye Point has been a volunteer effort. Dedicated volunteers have helped complete significant upgrades during the past 11 years. The point now includes a Wall of Recognition for supporters, an agricultural museum in a corn crib and a large display of antique farm machinery. In addition, an observation deck was added to the existing silo, and an informational kiosk and mosaic display are located at the High Point. An Iowa Gothic sign allows visitors a unique photo opportunity at Hawkeye Point, as do the directional signs to the right pointing to each of the 49 other state highpoints.

The Hawkeye Point campground, located just north of the high point, opened in 2011, and it includes 12 camping sites, a shelter house, bathhouse, playground equipment, a fire pit and 24 picnic tables. Water was just added to all sites this spring. 

Much of the work at Hawkeye Point has been funded by local grants such as the Osceola County Community Foundation and Lyon County Riverboat Foundation, and through generous Osceola County residents. New signs will be added soon thanks to a grant from the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation.  Visitors will be able to learn more about the many native grasses and wildflowers around Hawkeye Point through interpretive signs which will be added during summer 2019.

Recent improvements include: 

  • Observation deck added to the existing silo.
  • Walk-through "hands-on" history items displayed in the corn crib.
  • Erected an informational kiosk and mosaic display located at the High Point.
  • Provided amenities such as picnic tables, a shelter house and a restroom facility located in the campground area
  • Electrical sites with crushed concrete pads.

The Mc Callum Museum & Brunson House, located in Sibley,  features more information about the origins of Hawkeye Point and the Sterler family. 

More volunteers are always welcome. If interested please contact the Osceola County Economic Development Commission at 712-754-2523.