Arts and Culture

Osceola County, Iowa Museums  

The Osceola County Historical Society was founded in 1936 and incorporated in 1975 as a nonprofit corporation. The Historical Society disserves the credit for giving Osceola several museums, from which we have been given the opportunity to preserve our past.

The Albert W. McCallum Museum:

This museum was built in 1957 to protect the H. K. Rogers House; one of the first wooden houses built in Osceola County. In 1927 the house was moved from what is presently today the golf course, to Sibley's central park. 

The building is named after A.W. McCallum, from whom the principal funds were provided for the construction.

The museum is also home to pioneer tools, Civil War guns, household goods, uniforms, swords, farm equipment, china, glassware, photographs, manuscripts, a 1908 Sears Automobile, a two-headed calf, and many other items.

The Dorothea Brunson Heritage Home addition was constructed in 1988 with house furnishings from Dorothea Brunson's home. Antique home furnishings collected by Dorothea, as well as her needlepoint stitchery, are located in this addition.

The Tracy House

The Tracy House was purchased and moved to its present location in Ocheyedan in 1902, by Mr. and Mrs. Romey Tracy. The inside is furnished with items donated by the community which date before 1902. 

Some of the items include; dishes, a table, and a Bible from the Congregational Church. In 1976 the Osceola County Historical Society became interested in preserving the house.

In addition to the house, there is a steel building which contains historical agricultural tools, old office machines, county records, books, photographs, and trophies.

The DeBoer Grocery Museum

Located on Ashton's main Street, this museum houses artifacts from DeBoer's Grocery Store, Knutsen's Clothing Store, Hoffman's Shoe Repair, and St. Joseph's Grade School and High School.