Jackrabbit Junction - now hiring!

Coop Energy - Jackrabbit Junction

1706 Pierce Ave

Cooperative Energy is looking for a C-Store manager at Jackrabbit Junction. We are looking for a reliable, hard working, positive individual to fill this position. Regular Duties Involve:

Keep and maintain staff Which includes:
-Scheduling, Training, Reviews, strong communication with employees and other c-stores and store meetings for employees
Daily Book Work Including:
-Coding Invoices, Daily Deposits
Maintaining the Store by:
-Keeping a clean environment, Controlling Inventory levels of products, Food Oversight, monitoring waste, ensuring safe and secure working conditions
Meeting Customer needs by resolving customer issues
Maintain Brand Image
Working with vendors and checking with them by reviewing products that come in.
Ensuring all departments are licensed correctly
Working knowledge of: POS, Inventory Software, Equipment
Understanding P&L
Maintaining proper DNR Reports
Work with marketing on monthly promotions
Community Involvement
Attend Bi-Weekly meetings and attend local trade shows

Application Instructions:

If this is something that would interest you or seems like a good fit, please apply at:
www.coopenergyco.com/careers or e-mail your resume to h.halverson@coopenergyco.com

Location: Sibley, IA

Open: Tuesday February 4th

Close: Thursday April 30th 2020