EMTs/paramedics needed - Osceola County Ambulance Service

Osceola County Ambulance Service

(712) 754-4130

Osceola County Ambulance Service is in need of both EMTs and paramedics.

NCC in Sheldon offers EMT courses, which always start the third Monday in September and run through early April. NCC also offers the Hybrid EMT Course twice a year. The courses start mid-August or early January every year. The Hybrid EMT Course is part on-line and includes five all-day Saturday Skills labs on campus. INFOThe Osceola County Ambulance Service also offers CPR and First Aid classes so contact Sande to set this up on (712) 754-4130 or sibleyambulance@premieronline.net

Note: If a student paid their course fees, but had to withdraw from an EMT Class in the last 3 years and didn’t get a refund- they can retake the class at no charge. This is a one-time deal that will be valid until the end of the 2020-2021 Academic year.

Current  course training info:







Application Instructions:

Please click HERE for an application form. Please contact Sande Smith, EMS Director, on (712) 754-4130 or sibleyambulance@premieronline.net for more information.

Open: Friday March 20th

Close: Sunday May 31st 2020