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Labor Force Profile

Osceola County pulls its labor force from a six-county surrounding area that totals over 100,000 people.  The area contains some of the best skilled, motivated and dedicated workers in the Midwest.  These traits mean success for businesses and industries located in the county.  

A laborshed study of Osceola County is presently being conducted by Iowa Workforce Development in partnership with the Iowa Economic Development Authority. This study will be released in mid to late 2019. The previous study was conducted in 2010. Please click here to access that study.

Osceola County is a Home Base Iowa Community.  Home Base Iowa is a public-private partnership connecting transitioning service members and veterans with opportunities in Iowa. Home Base Iowa businesses are the centerpiece of the program with over 2,000 businesses joining forces to help fill the skilled labor gap in Iowa and connect veterans with careers. To view employers looking to hire veterans in Osceola County, please click here. To view the welcome package, please click here.



Educational Attainment - Osceola County, IA
  High School Graduate or Higher 25+ with Associate's Degree or Higher Bachelor's Degree or Higher
2017 87.4 30.2 17.7
2016 87.6 28.1 16.6
2015 85.8 27.1 17.4
2014 87.2 25.2 14.4
2013 86.3 26.0 15.6
2012 86.1 23.2 13.3
2011 85.6 22.6 13.3
2010 86.5 23.7 16.3